Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Honeybus - Recital Promo Lp - What the??!!

I was looking on Popsike.com and found a copy of Honeybus' unreleased 1973 album Recital that sold a couple of years ago for 466 GBP. I knew this album existed as promo copies but I assumed it was some blank sleeve and white label test pressing kind of thing... Wow.

Unfortunately, there isn't a track list on the auction. The Honeybus website has a tracklist:

1. For You
2. Be Thou By My Side
3. Julie In My Heart
4. Big Ship
5. Cross Channel Ferry
6. The Lady's Not For Burning
7. She's A Lady
8. Little Lovely One
9. Lute Girl
10. Writing's On The Wall
11. Baroque 'n' Roll Star
12. Lovely Vanessa
13. I Can't Say It, But I Can Sing It

Aside from tracks 7 & 10, you can pretty much piece it together from tracks on the CDs She Flies Like A Bird - The Anthology and Old Masters, Hidden Treasures.


Erik said...

I think we should have collectively put all our money into a pool and bought this LP. Honeybus were just one of those bands that made some killer tunes, super awesome harmonies and had incredible instrumentation and arrangements from all members of the band. Timeless and rare as this lp is, this band made some amazing music. Glad they released some of this via the Honeybus collection. Thanks Lou for diggin this internet archive up!

Pete said...

I got the missing tracks if you're interested?

Elevator said...

yes please!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm winning bidder of this item.
This is only one copy all over the world.
The previous holder's was son of Dutch Waner Record's producer..
The disc was mint.
Sound of this disc is different from "Old Masters.." album.
I asked Colin Hare which does he have..
He told me "Oh...I've never seen this..".
Please ask to Snctuary Records about remaster CD.
They have Pete Dello's original master.
If the day has come, I'll borrow original art work for it.


fiscus1 said...

Damn! I'd love to hear/have this one.
Especially those "missing" songs.

In 1969 there was a songbook issued which contained a dozen songs - five of which never appeared on disc. Perhaps this was to be the original track listing for their debut LP? The songs were:
Delighted To See You; Francoise; Girl Of Independent Means; How Long?; I Can't Let Maggie Go; Incredibly Bad; Lilly; Looking Down; She Is A Mystery; She's Out There; She Sold Blackpool Rock; Tender Are The Ashes

nauraushank said...

Hi, I now can digitally recreate all of Honeybus' Recital LP except for "The Writing On The Wall". A few of you seem to have this track. Any chance of sharing? I would be most grateful!