Monday, March 30, 2009

The Malibooz - (I Won't Be) Too Young

The Malibooz - (I Won't Be) Too Young

Walter Egan and John Zambetti started The Malibooz back in 1964. They reunited in 1981 for the album "Malibooz Rule!" on Rhino. On "(I Won't Be) Too Young", they are joined by Lindsey "Bitchin" Buckingham. Dean Torrance is also on backing vocals. It's got some surf music moves in the vocals but it sounds like prime Mirage-era Lindsey to me.


Erik said...

Thanks for posting this, Lou!
I have been recently diggin Walter Egan's "Fundamental Roll" lp as well! Good harmonies and good times!

Sabrina said...

That is waaaay cool! I've only discovered the Malibooz recently. I downloaded their Living Water Surfer's Mass from iTunes and just love it. I'm looking forward to hearing more songs from this band. Thanks for sharing with us.

korralhex said...

thanks,I put a link in my blog