Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nimbo - Maisie Jones / Forget Her

Nimbo - Maisie Jones

Nimbo - Forget Her

Nimbo sounds exactly like Badfinger on this 1971 single. The harmonies are very Pete & Tommy and the upfront bass playing very McCartney. Nimbo released two 45's on Pye. I haven't yet found a copy of their second 45, a cover of The Bee Gees' "When The Swallows Fly" b/w "Noticeingly By". After the two singles on Pye, they switched to the Motown subsidiary Mowest and changed their name to The Rockits for another couple of 45's. Nimbo members John Wilson and Dave Powell then joined up with Bob Jackson and Tommy Evans of Badfinger to form The Dodgers. Tommy must've heard "Maisie Jones".

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Eduardo Marins said...

Great rarity! Really very similar as badfinger!
That version of Bee Gees track seems great too. Now i'm curious to listen. I hope we can find it someday :)
thanks for the post.