Saturday, March 28, 2009

Swamped Radio

My friend Hoyt has a radio show on called Swamped. On Tuesday, March 24th I was the guest DJ. Listen to the show. Here is the playlist:

Tamalpais Exchange - Anthem
Badger - Don't Pull The Trigger
Don Agrati - Sunny Day
Ricci Martin - Stop Look Around
Allen Toussaint - Last Train
Steve Miller Band - Serenade
Bob Summers - Georgia On My Mind
Morning - Easy Keeper
Morning - Roll Em Down

Sand - Who Ya Tryin' To Fool
Ron Wood - Act Together
Terry Melcher - Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Brian Hyland - Drivin' Me Crazy
The Pebbles - Some Days Are Gone
The Mixtures - Found Out Where It's At
Mr. Big - Wonderful Creation
Thundermug - I Wanna Be With You

Roll-ups - Last Night
Turner & Kirwan of Wexford - The Girl Next Door
Tiger - Crazy
Sweet - Lady Starlight
Rats - Nose Job
Queen - Good Company
The Idle Race - Hurry Up John
Barclay James Harvest - Taking Some Time On

Thoughts and Words - Morning Sky
Yellowstone & Voice - Lonely Man
Allan Merrill - Tranquility
Wings - Some People Never Know
McGear - Leave It

The Malibooz - (I Won't Be) Too Young (This one got cut off)


jennwhisper said...

this was a GREAT show. i have to relisten to figure out one of the songs that i absolutely fell in love with.
good job.

elka said...

I was the one who bugged Hoyt for track listings. Thanks so much for posting it! Loved the set.

jessica said...

hey! i listened to this at work!! so stoked you played the melch!!! i thought everyone i knew hated that album... it gives me the chills!!! love it!!!!

Lou said...

Thanks for listening everyone!

Did you figure out which one was your fave, Jenn?

Jessica - It might've been your influence that led me to that Terry Melcher album in the first place. That track is a killer.

Everyone should check out the Swamped archive. Some playlists are here:

Erik said...

Awesome show! Nice flow and wonderful Melcher pick! "Stagger Lee" is another fav. of mine from that album. Loved the set! Keep up the good work! Cheers, Erik

Eduardo Marins said...

congratulations for the playlist show Lou! Amazing rarities on it!
thanks a lot for share here!
greetings from Brazil.

emmett said...

Great stuff! I haven't made it to the end yet, but Bob Summers, Ron Wood, and the Sweet are my faves so far. Check out my show on Viva Radio for selections from a vaguely similar bag...


emmett said...

P.S. - I hope you keep this blog going!